documentary, 70’, Italy, 4k 

A film by Alberto Gemmi
Producer: Gianluca De Angelis
Company: Tekla Films (Italy)
Status: late development
Supported by: Piemonte Doc Film Fund
Session pitch: Bio to B, Italian Film Festival Berlin, CPH:DOX, Visioni dal Mondo, Major Docs

* Toscana Doc Film Fund (production) 2024
* Special mention at the Major Docs Pitch 2023
* Special mention at the Premio Solinas Documentario 2023
* Piemonte Doc Film Fund (production) 2023
* Piemonte Doc Film Fund (development) 2020

Where is the memory of the past? In a place only apparently static, an ending place, where to mourn, in a cemetery. A place that, however, can represent a living space, capable of opening up to a series of considerations about the present and the role of memory in today’s public debate. Futapass aims to address the issue of maintaining historical memory starting from the observation and exploration of an extremely peculiar place. The German cemetery, located between Bologna and Florence, is the largest german military cemetery in Italy. Below the surface, the bodies of over 30,000 soldiers who fell on Italian soil during the Second World War are buried.

documentary, 67’, Italy, Full Hd, 2015

A film by Alberto Gemmi and Mirco Marmiroli
In collaboration with: Emilia-Romagna Film Commission
Curators: Marco Trulli and Claudio Zecchi

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE at Visions du Réel 2016 - Switzerland
You can find the documentary on DAFILMS.COM   

Ogni Opera di Confessione / All Confession Oeuvre is a work focusing on the density of times, relations and memories that come out when penetrating an empty space. The void of a productive area, a big abandoned city-factory, a wreckage of the twentieth century just laying there, motionless at the end of a long journey. But people walk around the voids, swarm as the leftovers of a great story, like Japanese soldiers refusing to leave the trench despite evident defeat. Officine Meccaniche Reggiane never materialize in their whole, if not in a few frames. The entire film is actually an approaching strategy to the space, making light on a plurality of persons and individual communities living at the edges of  the void. Religious communities (Pentecostal or Islamic) are the proves of the big change brought about by immigration for what concerns the transformation of districts surrounding Reggiane. A number of characters, viewpoints hinged on two silent tales that evolve during the film and are told through simple and everyday movements of the characters.
Ogni Opera di Confessione / All Confession Oeuvre is a complex object. It is a work standing on the formal certainty of film language, which is capable, at the same time, of dealing with and moving contents that, in a quasiplastic way, refer to a time, a space and gestures not belonging to the specificity of that language and embracing other languages: sculpture, installation, performance, even painting for what concerns the use of colors and portraits. 

SINAI - Another step on earth
documentary, 29’, Croatia/Italy, Hd and 16mm, 2014

A film by Alberto Gemmi and Enrico Masi
With: Ivana and Sinai Zaninovic
Voice: Leila Amacker
In collaboration with: University of Bologna, University of Zadar

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE at Torino Film Festival 2014 - Italy

West Venice, East Constantinople.The tale of a man living at the periphery of the empire, on the croatian archipelago. A decision is to be made, on our imaginary roundabout in the middle of nowhere. The village of Velo Grablje with its five last inhabitants, disappears within fog and waves, in a region at the end of a global Europe.There is also a female voice, standing as the Delphi’s oracle. A woman born in Morocco who decided to live on this island of Hvar. If a man exists or not, this is our quest. Maybe the quest for a man to be found, or just a story representing him.

War, death, and the heritage of socialism, through the relationship between Ivana, one generation ahead, and his uncle, born Sinai Zaninovic.