experimental, 3’16’’, Italy, 16mm to HD, 2018

A film by Alberto Gemmi
Starring: Annalisa Bagaglini
Sound design: Pierluigi Scarpantonio

"Un film plein d'amour, dès les premières secondes, les pieds dans l'eau et le soleil. C'est très beau. Il faut que je montre à Almudena quand elle arrivera à la maison ce soir." Jérôme Walter Gueguen.

experimental, 7’, Italy/France, 35mm to HD, 2013

A film by Alberto Gemmmi
Editing: Jérome Walter Gueguen
Original soundtrack: Luca di Mira (Giardini di Mirò)

Made in Heaven is a found footage of 35mm movie fragments discovered in several cinemas across Europe. The film is made by a series of clips who present particular deformations like colour tests, signals, notes or chromatic changes. Made in Heaven is a tribute to cinema, to the pact between light and darkness.

experimental, 6’, Italy/Germany, 8mm and super8, 2012

A film by Alberto Gemmmi
Music and Voice: Ana Bogner
In collaboration with: Home Movies and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM at Lucca Film Festival 2012 - Italy 

The short is a reflection on the concept of memory and time after the violent departure of a friend. Denied images that travel in a lyrical and gaseous state of perception, through the elaboration of the filmic mistake. A film about ecstatic transparence as a way to go through this pain. A film that can be labeled as cinema-therapy.

experimental, 2’15’’, Italy, 16mm, 2011

A film by Alberto Gemmi, Enrico Masi, Stefano Migliore
Original score: Zende Music

Á la fin de la terre, il y a tout le monde.