video Full HD 6’ and 16mm film, 2021

The plasticity of Francesca Pasquali's environmental sculptures stimulate the musical creation of the multi-instrumentalist Marco Vecchio, who starts from the sounds of matter and develops an improvisational process in dialogue with the performative act of Philippe Kratz, international dancer and choreographer. Music and dance also interact with a video by filmmaker Alberto Gemmi. A screening of an unreleased 16mm film opened the show.

Dancer: Philippe Kratz
Original sound: Marco Vecchio
Visual artist: Alberto Gemmi
Curated by: Claudio Calari

November 9th, Torre Unipol - Bologna
November 13th, Fondazione Lercaro - Bologna

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→ francescapasquali

Selected works, 45’, HD, 2019

This selection, designed for LiTE-HAUS Galerie (Berlin), includes four titles of short and medium-length films. Tanger becomes the perfect title for this installation, the cinematic landscape for this set of ruins and beauties. Tanger like a secret garden, represents the ideal metaphor of our Mediterranean. And it is from this extraordinary place and from its history that suggestions for this selection are born.

The special proposal, includes digital images and films, field recordings, memories and notebooks, proposed either in the form of an essay or of a diary. Like the character of Jack Nicholson in Red Desert, Tanger is a journey between boundaries and conscience.

A performance by and with Gianluca Guidotti and Enrica Sangiovanni based on the work of Primo Levi.

Sound score: Patrizio Barontini
Technique: Andrea Sangiovanni
Super 8 (editing, treatmnet and projection): Alberto Gemmi

Reattore della Centrale ENEA sul lago Brasimone, Bologna (Italy)
Teatro delle Passioni, Modena (Italy)

Teatro delle Moline, Bologna (Italy)

→archivio zeta

by Jean-Marc Padovani, Philippe Léogé and Enzo Cormann

A special selection and a creative editng as a tribute to film noir, to its great directors and to its great lovers.

Text: Enzo Cormann 
Double bass: Maxime Delporte 
Piano: Philippe Léogé 
Saxophone: Jean-Marc Padovani 
Drum: Pierre Pollet 
Visual artists: Alberto Gemmi and Pablo Padovani

theaters of Vire, Aurillac and Toulouse (France)

la grande ritournelle